Wednesday, September 15, 2010

signs of the end times in surh al- kahf

The Qur'an contains all the commands and
information necessary for the believer's life.
It is Allah's book of revelation, valid until the
Day of Judgment. One of its greatest
miracles is it has retained its relevance to all
people, regardless of when they live, since
Allah first revealed it as a guide to wisdom
and the righteous path.
Its narratives concerning past nations
provide guidance to people in so many
ways. The lives of the Prophets, their calls to
their nations, and their actual practices are
examples for the believers to follow.
Furthermore, the Qur'an contains signs for
the future and some mysteries upon which
the believers must reflect. Such is the case
with Surat al-Kahf, one of its suras.
Prophet Muhammad (saas) and many
Muslim scholars have pointed out Surat al-
Kahf for this reason. The Qur'an's account
of the Companions of the Cave (Ashab al-
Kahf) and Ar-Raqim, Prophet Musa's (as)
experiences with Khidhr (as) (the person of
knowledge), and the account of Dhu'l-
Qarnayn (as) contain many secrets and
expressions hinting at the End Times.
Many prophetic hadiths connect Surat al-
Kahf with the End Times. Some of them are
as follows:
Related by an-Nawwas ibn Sam'an: He who
among you will survive to see him (the
Dajjal) should recite over him the opening
verses of Surah al-Kahf. (Sahih Muslim)
Related by Abu Umamah al-Bahili: Whoever
enters his (the Dajjal's) Hell, let him seek
refuge with Allah and recite the opening
verse of Surat al-Kahf, and it will become
cool and peaceful for him, as the fire
became cool and peaceful for Abraham. (Ibn
One reason why the Prophet (saas)
recommended reading Surat al-Kahf is that
it contains very important signs pointing to
the End Times. Surat al-Kahf contains the
signs required for the believers' defense
and fight against the Dajjal and the
irreligious movements bringing so much
evil to humanity, which he wants to spread
around the world, as well as many lessons
from which the Muslims can learn. Our
Prophet's (saas) recommendation to
memorize and read this sura attentively is a
clear indication of this. As we will see
throughout this book, the experiences of
Ashab al-Kahf in an unbelieving world, the
lessons Prophet Musa (as) learned from
Khidhr (as), and Dhu'l-Qarnayn's (as) rule
over the world, established to disseminate
Islam's values, are matters upon which the
believers need to reflect.
We will explain the reasons behind these
events so that readers can ponder and
meditate upon Surat al-Kahf, which contains
very important signs for today, in order to
gain insight into these secrets and to abide
by the Prophets' (saas) advice. Attentive
readers will see that this sura bears the
signs of the End Times, a time near the Hour,
during which the practices of systems of
unbelief and falsehood become widespread
and Allah sends forth the truth to destroy
By Allah's will, this time is very near, so
much so that it has become crucial for
people to reflect upon this matter. Thus,
Muslims must ponder Surat al-Kahf carefully,
bear its verses in mind, and analyze each
verse in light of the Qur'an's other verses.

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