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common questions abot islam

Q:If a man is allowed to have more than one wife, then why does Islam prohibit a
woman from having more than one

Ans:A lot of people, including some Muslims,
question the logic of allowing Muslim men
to have more than one spouse while
denying the same ‘right’ to women.
Let me first state emphatically, that the
foundation of an Islamic society is justice
and equity. Allah has created men and
women as equal, but with different
capabilities and different responsibilities.
Men and women are different,
physiologically and psychologically. Their
roles and responsibilities are different. Men
and women are equal in Islam, but not
Surah Nisa’ Chapter 4 verses 22 to 24 gives
the list of women with who you can not
marry and it is further mentions in Surah
Nisa’ Chapter 4 verse 24 "Also (prohibited
are) women already married"
The following points enumerate the reasons
why polyandry is prohibited in Islam:
1. If a man has more than one wife, the
parents of the children born of such
marriages can easily be identified. The
father as well as the mother can easily be
identified. In case of a woman marrying
more than one husband, only the mother of
the children born of such marriages will be
identified and not the father. Islam gives
tremendous importance to the identification
of both parents, mother and father.
Psychologists tell us that children who do
not know their parents, especially their
father undergo severe mental trauma and
disturbances. Often they have an unhappy
childhood. It is for this reason that the
children of prostitutes do not have a
healthy childhood. If a child born of such
wedlock is admitted in school, and when the
mother is asked the name of the father, she
would have to give two or more names! I
am aware that recent advances in science
have made it possible for both the mother
and father to be identified with the help of
genetic testing. Thus this point which was
applicable for the past may not be
applicable for the present.
2. Man is more polygamous by nature as
compared to a woman.
3. Biologically, it is easier for a man to
perform his duties as a husband despite
having several wives. A woman, in a similar
position, having several husbands, will not
find it possible to perform her duties as a
wife. A woman undergoes several
psychological and behavioral changes due
to different phases of the menstrual cycle.
4. A woman who has more than one
husband will have several sexual partners
at the same time and has a high chance of
acquiring venereal or sexually transmitted
diseases which can also be transmitted back
to her husband even if all of them have no
extra-marital sex. This is not the case in a
man having more than one wife, and none
of them having extra-marital sex.
The above reasons are those that one can
easily identify. There are probably many
more reasons why Allah, in His Infinite
Wisdom, has prohibited polyandry.

Q:When Islam is against idol worship why
do the Muslims worship, and bow down to
the Kaaba in their prayer?

Ans:Kaaba is the Qibla i.e. the direction Muslims
face during their prayers. It is important to
note that though Muslims face the Kaaba
during prayers, they do not worship the
Kaaba. Muslims worship and bow to none
but Allah.
It is mentioned in Surah Baqarah:
"We see the turning of thy face (for
guidance) to the heavens: now shall We
turn thee to a Qiblah that shall please thee.
Turn then thy face in the direction of the
Sacred Mosque: wherever ye are, turn your
faces in that direction."
[Al-Qur’an 2:144]
1. Islam believes in fostering unity
For instance, if Muslims want to offer Salaah
(Prayer), it is possible that some may wish
to face north, while some may wish to face
south. In order to unite Muslims in their
worship of the One True God, Muslims,
wherever they may be, are asked to face in
only one direction i.e. towards the Kaaba. If
some Muslims live towards the west of the
Kaaba they face the east. Similarly if they
live towards the east of the Kaaba they face
the west.
2. Kaaba is at the Centre of the World Map
The Muslims were the first people to draw
the map of the world. They drew the map
with the south facing upwards and north
downwards. The Kaaba was at the centre.
Later, western cartographers drew the map
upside down with the north facing
upwards and south downwards. Yet,
Alhamdullilah the Kaaba is at the centre of
the world map.
3. Tawaaf around Kaaba for indicating one
When the Muslims go to Masjid-e-Haram in
Makkah, they perform tawaaf or
circumambulation round the Kaaba. This act
symbolizes the belief and worship of One
God, since, just as every circle has one
centre, so also there is only one Allah (swt)
worthy of worship.
4. Hadith of Umar (may Allah be pleased
with him)
Regarding the black stone, hajr-e-aswad,
there is a hadith (tradition), attributed to the
illustrious companion of the Prophet
Muhammed (pbuh), Umar (may Allah be
pleased with him).
According to Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, book
of Hajj, chapter 56, H.No. 675. Umar (may
Allah be pleased with him) said, "I know that
you are a stone and can neither benefit nor
harm. Had I not seen the Prophet (pbuh)
touching (and kissing) you, I would never
have touched (and kissed) you".
5. People stood on Kaaba and gave the
At the time of the Prophet, people even
stood on the Kaaba and gave the ‘adhaan’
or the call to prayer. One may ask those
who allege that Muslims worship the Kaaba;
which idol worshipper stands on the idol he

Q:Why is the eating of pork forbidden in

AThe fact that consumption of pork is
prohibited in Islam is well known. The
following points explain various aspects of
this prohibition:
1. Pork prohibited in Qur’an
The Qur’an prohibits the consumption of
pork in no less than 4 different places. It is
prohibited in 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 and 16:115.
"Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead
meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that on
which hath been invoked the name of other
than Allah." [Al-Qur’an 5:3]
The above verses of the Holy Qur’an are
sufficient to satisfy a Muslim as to why pork
is forbidden.
2. Pork prohibited in the Bible
The Christian is likely to be convinced by his
religious scriptures. The Bible prohibits the
consumption of pork, in the book of
"And the swine, though he divide the hoof,
and be cloven footed, yet he cheweth not
the cud; he is unclean to you".
"Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their
carcass shall ye not touch, they are unclean
to you."
[Leviticus 11:7-8]
Pork is also prohibited in the Bible in the
book of Deuteronomy
"And the swine, because it divideth the
hoof, yet cheweth not the cud, it is unclean
unto you. Ye shall not eat of their flesh, nor
touch their dead carcass."
[Deuteronomy 14:8]
A similar prohibition is repeated in the Bible
in the book of Isaiah chapter 65 verse 2-5.
3. Consumption of pork causes several
The other non-Muslims and atheists will
agree only if convinced through reason,
logic and science. Eating of pork can cause
no less than seventy different types of
diseases. A person can have various
helminthes like roundworm, pinworm,
hookworm, etc. One of the most dangerous
is Taenia Solium, which is in lay man’s
terminology called tapeworm. It harbours in
the intestine and is very long. Its ova i.e.
eggs, enter the blood stream and can reach
almost all the organs of the body. If it enters
the brain it can cause memory loss. If it
enters the heart it can cause heart attack, if
it enters the eye it can cause blindness, if it
enters the liver it can cause liver damage. It
can damage almost all the organs of the
Another dangerous helminthes is Trichura
Tichurasis. A common misconception about
pork is that if it is cooked well, these ova
die. In a research project undertaken in
America, it was found that out of twenty-
four people suffering from Trichura
Tichurasis, twenty two had cooked the pork
very well. This indicates that the ova
present in the pork do not die under normal
cooking temperature.
4. Pork has fat building material
Pork has very little muscle building material
and contains excess of fat. This fat gets
deposited in the vessels and can cause
hypertension and heart attack. It is not
surprising that over 50% of Americans
suffer from hypertension.
5. Pig is one of the filthiest animals on
The pig is one of the filthiest animals on
earth. It lives and thrives on muck, faeces
and dirt. It is the best scavenger that I know
that God has produced. In the villages they
don’t have modern toilets and the villagers
excrete in the open air. Very often excreta
is cleared by pigs.
Some may argue that in advanced countries
like Australia, pigs are bred in very clean
and hygienic conditions. Even in these
hygienic conditions the pigs are kept
together in sties. No matter how hard you
try to keep them clean they are filthy by
nature. They eat and enjoy their own as
well as their neighbour’s excreta.
6. Pig is the most shameless animal
The pig is the most shameless animal on the
face of the earth. It is the only animal that
invites its friends to have sex with its mate.
In America, most people consume pork.
Many times after dance parties, they have
swapping of wives; i.e. many say "you
sleep with my wife and I will sleep with
your wife." If you eat pigs then you behave
like pigs. We Indians look upon America to
be very advanced and sophisticated.
Whatever they do, we follow after a few
years. According to an article in Island
magazine, this practice of swapping wives
has become common in the affluent circles
of Bombay.

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