Sunday, August 29, 2010

Slavish Ignorance

In ignorance, sanctity is attached to self styled piirs, like

priests and saints, and followed blindly, a worst kind of slavery,

even to the extent of so called ignonimous 'dissolution of person

of the follower into the piir.'

Ignorance is a lame excuse, in fact, no excuse. Ignorance is

root cause of sin. It incites sin and sinks into it. Like worst kind

of sin in shirk, ignorance is the worst of all causes of disbelief

and disobedience. It is equated with cruelty (zulm). Yusuf

(Peace be upon him) said:

"Unless you turn away their plot from me,

I will feel inclined towards them, and

be one of the ignorant (jaahileen)." 12-33

'Jaahi l ' ( ignorant ) does the forbidden. Obst inate

disobedience is different from failure to obey out of foolishness

and soon repented and rectified:

"Allah accepts the repentance only of of those

who do evil in ignorance and foolishness, and

repent soon afterwards." (4-17)

Qataadah said: "The Companions of the Messenger of

Allah agreed that everything by which Allah is disobeyed is


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